Faith works

ABC's of Being a Christian:
After a person [A]dmits to God that she is a sinner, repents and turns from her sin, 
[B]elieves that Jesus is God's Son sent to die to pay for the sins of the world, and 
[C]onfesses that faith in Jesus, she is a Christian and knows Jesus as her Savior.

Faith Works

Some of the churches in Western Wisconsin spend a week during the summer in an 
activity known as 'Faith Works'.  They include Village Church in Baldwin, and 
Faith Community Churches in Hudson and New Richmond, and others.

This is where they seek out projects to help the community for individuals or
organizations.  Some projects have included home repair, farm assistance, soccer
field shelters, gardening, yard work, miscellaneous building tasks.  The volunteers
for the most part remain annonymous and donate their time, materials, and skills.  
The church pays for supplies and provides meals.  They get to interact with the 
people they are halping and even develop relationships.  This shows how God can 
help the community thru the local churches.

There are also auxiliary activities such as Bible camp for children, a community 
meal, workship service, and outdoor concerts.

Faith Works does not need to be just once a year but can become an ongoing 
activity throughout the year.  

People who do good works for their own glory or personal satisfation are missing
what God has intended for them.  Works should not be made public but only for 
the people who are being served.