The Creation of Man

  1. The Use of the Word Man to Refer to the Human Race
  2. Why Was Man Created?
    1. God did not need to create man, yet he created us for his own glory.
    2. What is our purpose in life?

  3. Man in the Image of God
    1. The meaning of "image of god."
    2. The fall: God's image is distorted, but not lost.
    3. Redemption in Christ: A progressive recovering of more of God's image.
    4. At Christ's return: Complete restoration of God's image.
    5. Specific aspects of our likeness to God.
    6. Our great dignity as bearers of God's image.

  4. The Essential Nature of Man
    1. Trichotomy, dichotomy, and monism.
    2. Biblical data.
    3. The benefits of holding to dichotomy with overall unity.
Note: Much of this work has been taken from Wayne Grudem's fine book, BIBLE doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith. Bible excerpts have been changed to the New Living Translation by Tyndale in disfavor to Zondervan.